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Belgian Icons


Belgium may be a little country but we have a lot of heritage. That was the point of view I used to start a series of portraits about icon figures linked to Belgium. From iconic athletes to world famous figures. All with the purpose of showing people that we're maybe small but nevertheless we have left a big mark on history.

Category: Illustration


Tigra girl is the face of the cigarette brand Tigra, her real name is Angelina Saey. As iconic the face was for the brand, there is very little know about her personal life. She lived a reclusive life, she died at an age of 46 but the cause remains a mystery.


Eddy Merckx or the Cannibal thanks his name to the fact he couldn't stand anybody else to win a race other than him. He won eleven Grand Tours, and all five of the monuments and he even became three World Championship titles.


Le Grand Jacques better known as Jacques Brel is one of the many great musicians raised in Belgium. Brel is most famous for his French chansons but besides making music he was one of the first French speaking singer-songwriter who tried out film directing.


Audrey Hepburn is know as an actress and fashion icon, she's even been called the third-greatest female screen legend in Golden Age Hollywood but what a lot of people maybe don't know she was born in Brussels. Her career could have been a lot different, as she had trained to become a dentist-assistant.


The man behind the apple, Rene Magritte is mostly know for his surreal oeuvre but he was so much more, it is known that he made forgeries of pieces by the likes of Picasso. Quite a bold move I would say. He started out as a wallpaper painter until with the financial help of his older brother he finally became a fulltime painter.