About Klok Huis

Who is "Klok Huis", I'm a Robin Martens a freelance designer from Eeklo, Belgium. I'm mainly working in the animation world but illustration is the thing that is running through my veigns. And from time to time I'm entering the world of 3D . Some would say why make 2D illustrations if you can do it in 3D?
I believe that illustrations can be more than just a drawing on paper, there is such a wide range of possibilities, from art hanging on the wall to a wall becoming art.

What is "Klok Huis", in Dutch we have a saying " zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens."
It means there is no better place than home. That feeling of being at the right place for the job that is where I strive for.

So If you think I can be of any service, feel free to fill in the contact form or send an e-mail to hello@klok-huis.be so we can meet up. You can also follow me and more important my work on Facebook, Behance or Instagram.