About Klok Huis

While the Russians are still sticker bombing the Kremlin, the French fashionista's are flabbergasted about the new T-shirts that are showing up in Paris and the Chinese are secretly busy with making some illegal copies of his artwork, is the one and only Klok Huis still working in his little hide-away in that lovely little Belgium.

Starting out as 3D artist I went back to where it all began, the 2D world. In those 2 dimensions I'm pushing the limits of both illustration as well as animation. In my mission to show the world that illustrations can be so much more than just a drawing on paper, from art hanging on the wall to a wall becoming art.
Do you want to step in this adventure and let me help your brand or name to the next level with a powerful visual or an animation on point? Don't hesitate and get in touch. Feel free to fill in the contact form or say hello@klok-huis.be so we can meet up. You can also find some exclusive content and sneak peeks on Facebook, Behance or Instagram

(*) So what the hell is a Klok Huis?! Well Klok Huis is the core of the apple where the seeds grow into delicious fruit. It's my metaphor for turning your ideas into great products.