Klok Huis Couture

As Kid from the 90's I grew up with t-shirts with really cool characters, now a days t-shirts are more minimalistic and more font based. That needs to chance! At the "Klok Huis Couture" department we will bring back the tradition of funny looking characters on your garments. Each design is up for sale and printed on demand. Just choose one or more funny looking guy from below, send a mail to hello@klok-huis.be and join the revival.


Knock them out

" Just so you know, I succeed every time. "


" No I'm not like the ugly shoes, I'm a real fashion guru although I do like those white socks. I only wear suits made from 100% natural materials no plastic for me. "


Open Season

" Well for me to consider hunting as a sport, both parties should know they're in the game. Therefore I just want to say one thing to you humans: Game on, and consider yourself warned! "