N9 Club circuit

Music and Art has always been closely connected, so I came up with three posters bands I really would like to see again in club N9. I tried to create a format for these posters for N9 and in the future, they need to be easy recognizable and linked to the club. Because of the fact that people should easy recognize them as posters for the N9, I selected three colours for their identity. This has the advantage that is easy to screen print as memorial to the evening. As an example of how it can actually can look like, the "The Offspring" - poster has been screen printed in a limited quantity.

The Offspring

The idea behind the poster of The Offspring is that I went back to their roots, they're a pop punk band from Huntington Beach in California. California is well know for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches and what is more pleasant than an ice-cream in those circumstances. I also found it important that it was interesting enough to stand still and take a minute to look at it. So I chose to symbolize the markings of the ice-cream cone by tire tracks from an ice-cream truck.

Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons is known for there folky, banjo sound, It has a big hill billy vibe with their washboards and their liquors. The use of the liquor bottle with the alligator is a straight reference to the lifestyle of the hill billy in their remote swamp houses. Not that this is a bad thing. Even if Mumford and Sons turn back to catchy guitar riffs, they will always be the ones that brought back the banjo to the mainstream.

The Wombats

The Wombats are a British band with very catchy and dance floor filling songs. Their song "Moving to New York" could be seen as their international breakthrough and who says New York, knows the hotdog isn't far away. That's in stark contrast with the band themselves, the little fellah's symbolises their British background and give it the playful feel that you hear when you listen to their music.

The thoughtful viewer have maybe realised that the series is a sort of a menu, a main dish, drinks and a dessert, a musical menu as it were.