On the Move!

On The Move is a campaign I came up with to make people aware of the problem with invasive species. That are animals that are not native to the region, they are often introduced by humans and got no natural enemies. That causes for large populations in a short amount of time which harms the native species and even drive them out of their homes, put them literally “On The Move”.
This is a worldwide problem and it has come to our borders. Now there are parrots in the Brussels' parks, there are even turtles in the waters of Bruges and even more disturbing, snakes in Hasselt.

This animated movie tells the story of a little turtle who’s taken from his family and dumped everywhere if they get tired of him. Until he eventually lost it and started an army. So a brave army assembled by the local forest animals is called upon to stop the rise of the turtles and saves the day. The purpose of this movie is to show people that invaders aren't fun, we didn't let that happen during both World Wars why should the animals let it be. So please stop dumping your animals and think before you buy.

There are two main characters,the two leaders of both armies, Dictator Victor, the turtle who is ripped away from his parent when he was little. General Paul, the fox that has been chosen by the people to lead the army and defend the local forest animals. Therefore he has been selected to be the mascot of the campaign. He's also made as a resin toy which can be customized and shared on the forum for even more exposure.