Facts Identity

For this imaginary project I created a corporate identity for the anniversary edition of FACTS, FACTS is the biggest comics, sci fi and anime festival in Europe. It needed a poster, tickets, a brochure to give to the people during the festival and a collectable. It all started with the mascot, the festival is known for their over the top dressed up people but outside the festival they are people with ordinary jobs. My mascot is based on the same principle, hero on the festival and outside just an ordinary person.

The poster

To incorporate the double identity on the poster I've let the mascot suit up and in the gap of his suit you can see his true passion the whole FACTS community, from comic figures, game characters to TV personalities.


The tickets are a little paper toy, if the entrance strip is torn you can fold it into the mascot. On each side of the ticket you can see the mascot dressed in either his daily life suit or his hero suit, it is to you to chose how you fold it.

The Brochure

I've used the same principle of the double identity in the brochure, symbolized by the zipper. Inside you find interesting workshops, a map of the building and some of the guests who will be there.


For the collectors item of FACTS I decided to make an action figure, because the visitors of FACTS are really into collecting game characters and action figures and it was the perfect opportunity to use my history as 3D modeller for this 3D print. I've chosen for two colours black and white because it can be used as a design object too.